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Concrete Contemplations: Moving beyond the Website Testimonials


If you are in the market to get an epoxy coating applied to a garage, basement or other concrete floor, I have a few suggestions.   They will help you to pick the right, professional floor coating company (or, for that matter, a contractor for any assistance you need).

Read Reviews on 3rd Party Website

People can write whatever they like their website.   They control the content.   So, instead of trusting the “testimonials” on a contractor’s website, take a few minutes to do the following:

1)     Check their reviews on  HomeAdvisor will not allow a company to be listed unless they are properly licensed and insured. The best companies will receive "The Best of Home Advisor Award"

2)     Check their reviews on Better Business Bureau. The very best companies will have an A+ rating for their service area.

3)     Check other sites like Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.  (Our link for Facebook is below)

Check with local Home Builders

Chances are home builders in the same service area will know something about the specific contractor you are looking in to.   See if the home builders have utilized their services for a customer’s home or a model home (or a Parade of Homes/Home-A-Rama/Street of Dreams entry).

If not home builders, there are usually other types of trades who interact with a contractor.   In our case, we regularly work with home builders, along with commercial lease/management companies. 

Talk to the Contractor’s Customers

Don’t just ask for referrals.   Ask them for a customer where something went wrong.  Find out how they handled the problems that arose.    Do enough projects and something is bound to go wrong.  Sometimes it’s beyond the contractor’s control (like the frog that jumps into the wet coatings right after we leave); sometimes a homeowner forgets what to do or not do (we find footsteps in our fresh coatings) and sometimes we goof up (we return to coat a garage step that got missed on the work order).

Ask to see projects they have completed that are open to the public.   We regularly send prospective coatings customers to see work we have done in service garages, commercial buildings and model homes. (Sometimes even our own houses)


Wrapping it up

Nobody or no company is perfect.   Be responsible and take good care of your customer.   Stuff happens, but it doesn’t mean you don’t make it right.

Want to see how we are doing?  

Home Advisor
  • Polytek Surface Coatings earned an esteemed A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in the Rochester,
  • We have received great recommendations on Facebook by people from the area.
  • We have been granted the "Best of Home Advisor Award" for our commitment to customer service
  • We have completed over 1000 surface coating projects in our short 11 year history.

If you are interested in working with Polytek Surface Coatings, give us a call at 507.288.7887